SkyPole Academy: Pole Dance Training Program


5 Levels At Your Own Pace

Freshman (Beginner)

Sophomore (Adv. Beginner)

Junior (Intermediate)


Masters (EXTREME Advanced) 

*Have Pole Experience? Text 817-939-7179 To Ask Which Level Would Be Appropriate For You 


What is SkyPole Academy? 
SkyPole Academy (SKA) is for anyone looking to learn the art of pole dancing. No experience needed to begin! Whether you want to advance to extreme pole tricks or simply utilize pole as a way to stay in shape, our Academy is THE top pole fitness training program.  SKA will teach you everything about pole dance fitness-- from the basic foundation to the complex aerial tricks you see on YouTube and Instagram.

We take you through 5 levels, starting with the most basic and slowly working you up to complex tricks. You can move up anytime within the levels! You are always allowed to repeat as many times as needed OR test out of any level. Majority of students repeat the first few levels several times. It's a personal preference. 

Why Join SkyPole Academy?
SkyPole Academy is not required. You can still be a member and not go through the academy. However, SKA is the best way to learn everything there is to know about pole fitness and have a complete curriculum of moves. The great thing about the Academy classes is that all of the women in your class are on your level. It's fun, friendly, and a great workout! 

You progress through SKA at your own pace. If you feel you are not ready for the next level, it's perfectly acceptable to repeat. 

How Can I Join?

If you are interested in going through SKA, step 1 is to sign up for a membership by going HERE. 

If you would like to see when classes are occurring for the Freshman level, please see our Class Schedule. 

Become A Member Today To Join The Academy! 

Have More Questions? 
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