3 Easy Steps To Get Started

1. We recommend starting with the First Time Poler Class or Intro To Pole, but any non-pole class will also work as your first class.  

2. Download the SkyPole App to manage your schedule. 

3. Show up! 

10 Things to Know Before Coming to a Pole Class

1. What to wear is always in the class description.
If you go to the class schedule, and click on the class name you'll see a pop-up that will cover what the class is and what to wear. Keep in mind, we want you to be comfortable. We don't have a dress code, and no two students dress the same. In other words, wear what you are comfortable in. DO NOT WEAR YOGA PANTS TO POLE CLASSES! The pole sticks to dry, exposed skin. 

2. It's not intimidating.
Our instructors and students are very friendly and supportive.  Remember, most new students are just as nervous as you. Once the class starts you'll feel right at home. 

3. You don't need to be in shape.
There are no weight, age, or fitness requirements to pole dance. Saying you need to "get in shape" before coming to pole class is like saying you need to lose weight before going to the gym. Doesn't make sense! Pole dancing is a workout and will help with weight loss, toning muscle, and increasing flexibility.  

4. If you are booking with a group of friends, you may want to book a private party instead.
Our classes are structured like a workout class. They are not designed for large groups. If you are worried about coming alone, don't be. Most students come solo. Your friends may not have the same goals as you. 

5. Memberships are less expensive per class, and you get more from it.
With a membership, you spend less money per class and you get to access to SkyPole Academy. 
Click Here for information about SkyPole Academy. 

6. Most of the polers you see on social media are professionals, who have been doing it a long time. Instagram polers are the 1% of pole dancers, not the majority. Do not go down that self-destructive road of comparing yourself to other polers you see on social media.  

7. You are not at SkyPole for anyone except YOU.
We all learn at our own pace. This is not a contest, and should not be treated as such. Our studio has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Encouraging the women around you is highly recommended, but your main focus needs to be on YOU. 

8. Pole is hard at first, but gets easier very quickly.
Just like EVERY SPORT OR NEW SKILL, you have to train to advance. No one walks into class and is magically great at pole dancing. Some will advance faster than others, and that's ok! It's about progress not perfection. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. It's common for many beginners to not get off the ground at first. Repetition is key. 

9. If you see a wait list and still want to come, get on the wait list!
Wait list promotions are automatic. If you are on the wait list and next in line, you will be automatically promoted when someone cancels. You will get a text and email notification. If you are unable to come to class, please remove yourself from the wait list. You will not lose your class pass if you aren't promoted to the class list; it will remain on your account. 

10. If you sign up for class, try your best to make it.
You can schedule future classes out as far as 20 days; however, if you sign up please make sure you can come to class. We know things happen, so you are able to cancel up to 5 hours prior to class start. After that, it's considered a late cancel. When you book a class, you are taking up a spot another student would have filled. Out of respect for the other students, frequent Late Cancels and/or No-Shows will result in additional fees or removal from classes all together.