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Private Pole Lesson

$99 1 Person
$168 2 Person


(call/text to schedule an advanced lesson)

Pole dancing is not only an amazing workout, but it builds confidence and makes you feel SEXY! No Experience Needed!

What to wear: shorts and any top. Do not apply lotion or oil the day of. Most beginners don't wear heels but you are welcome to! Heels are a personal preference. 

Private Chair Dance Lesson

$69 1 Person
$118 2 Person

All Levels

Chair dance is a sensual and seductive dance flow that allows you to increase your fluidity and empower your feminine side. 

What to wear: Yoga pants or fishnets, socks or leg warmers, heels optional. Knee pads recommended. 


Private Twerk Lesson

$69 1 Person
$118 2 Person

All Levels

Tired of boring gym cardio or simply wanting to learn how to shake that booty!? We got you! No booty required! 

What to wear: loose fitting shorts, preferably booty shorts, tennis shoes and knee pads.

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