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Private Pole Dance Parties

For Any Occasion!



Bachelorette Party

Ladies Night Out

Corporate Events

Divorce Party

Any Occasion!

Beginner Friendly!
No Experience Needed! 

Customer Photos

All Parties Include

-Learn a large variety of FUN pole tricks!

 No experience needed

-Private use of entire studio 

-Seductive pole choreography

-Your choice of music

-Dressing room on site

-Free Wifi

Read Food/Drink Policies

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best pole dance parties and pole classes

Kendra C.

The instructor was soooooo nice and really patient. We are on the thicker side, but she made it super easy for us. Hands down the best night out.

Shelly A.

Best BIRTHDAY EVER! I wasn't sure at first because everyone was really nervous.  As soon as we got there it was amazing! So excited we did this!

Tameka L.

I wish I could have a second bachelorette party just so I can do this again. Shout out to Skypole for making my day really special!


If you don't see the day/time you want, TEXT US. 

FAQs & Class Policies!

Food/Drink Policy

What are private pole dance parties like at SkyPole?

Our pole parties are structured similar to a class, but with a lot of extra razzle dazzle! Our goal is to ensure each guest learns fun pole tricks and choreo in a non-intimidating environment. We guarantee you will have an AMAZING time! Our Google Reviews speak for themselves! There is a reason SkyPole continuously has 5 stars, we throw great pole parties! We want you to get the most from your event; therefore, it's imperative guests come prepared to learn. We take your group through several tricks and pole combos; our professional pole instructors are there to ensure you the get most bang for your buck. There will be time at the end of the party for taking pictures, playing around on the poles, etc. If you prefer to skip the learning portion, and just let your guests come in and do their own thing, you'll want to book a private studio rental instead. The private studio rentals allow food & alcohol. Food and alcohol are not allowed during a hosted pole party (with an instructor). See below for more info. 

Do I need experience?

NO!! The majority of our pole party groups are brand new to pole. All party hosts are certified pole fitness instructors so we know how to teach a variety of levels from zero-experience to advanced. ALL sizes, ages, and shapes can learn pole dancing. We have modifications for everything. The most important thing to us that you and your group have FUN while learning how to pole dance.  

Can We Bring Food/Drinks/Decorations? 

You can eat and drink anywhere! Why not take full advantage of learning to pole dance!? Water is fine, but food and drinks are only allowed for studio rentals, not pole parties. Our goal is to ensure every guest learns to pole dance in a fun, relaxing environment. Because we want guests to focus on learning and enjoying the class, food and drinks are not allowed. Picture props are allowed, however, studio decor is not necessary as our studio is already super cute and very instagram-worthy!

Do I pick my own day and time? 

YES! During booking you will see all of the available time slots. Once you book, you don't need to do anything else. If you paid the deposit only the remaining balance will be charged 3 days before the party.  

What do we wear?

Wear or bring shorts. NO Yoga Pants! The pole sticks to SKIN not clothes. If you or your guests insist on not wearing shorts, you can still attend, but it will be harder to perform pole tricks. The studio is lighting is very flattering so wear as little clothing as possible. For example, shorts and a tank top or t-shirt. We have a dressing room on site. DO NOT WEAR ANY LOTION ON YOUR BODY. Save it for after. You will not be able to pole dance if you have any sort of baby oil or lotion on. Lotion and oil make it difficult to stick to the pole and perform the moves we teach. 

Can we bring a photographer?

YES! We are all about capturing your memories! Take as many pics/videos as you'd like, it's totally up to you. If you post anything please tag us! :) #SkyPoleFitness **NOTE** We have an in-house Photographer we highly recommend if you need an affordable recommendation. 

What if my guests are nervous?

That's normal. We will ease everyone's worries when the class begins; that's part of our job and we are good at it. Avoid "liquid courage" before the party. Guests that have clearly drank alcohol or consumed an illegal substance will be asked to leave or the class will be canceled, and no refunds issued. We are all about having fun, but pole dancing is a workout and we want to show you as many tricks as possible. Remind guests to come sober or don't come at all.  We will ensure each guests feels comfortable and has a great time! 

What if my party size changes?

If you are unsure of the guest count, you can increase the party size later. Because you are blocking off time on our limited schedule, we don't allow downgrades.

Can pregnant guests participate? 

When pregnant guests attend, we generally have them stick to lighter moves so they can still participate, while avoiding do things that put them at risk for falling or straining themselves. However, each guest is attending at their own risk; we are not your doctor and we don't know your specific health circumstances. 

What's the age limit or minimum? 

Because it is a private party with just your group, that is up to your discretion. However, pole parties are generally not kid-friendly. Unless you specify otherwise in your booking request, we tailor our pole parties toward adults. As far as age limits, there isn't one. We've had students 70+ attend our pole classes! 

What is the Chair and Twerk Option?

During booking, you will have the option to add Chair Dance OR a Twerk Tutorial Session to your pole party. These usually take up about 15 minutes of the entire class. The majority of the party will still be focused on pole dancing. No experience is needed! Both options are beginner friendly. 

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Pole Dance Parties @SkyPole Fitness

SkyPole Fitness of Fort Worth is widely known in DFW for our pole dance parties. Our party hosts are certified pole instructors who know how to throw a great party! 

We make booking your pole party super easy. It takes less than 5 minutes to book online. If you have any special requests we are happy to accommodate! Please email after booking or call/text 817-939-7179

Need Help Planning? Booking? Or just Random Questions?
Text or Call


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